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A resolution to sell alcoholic beverages at a proposed convenience store on Nut Tree Road will be referred to Vacaville City Council for its Tuesday meeting, having already been heard by council in February.

Suisun City-based GKC Enterprise LLC offers a Nut Tree Food Mart at the corner of Nut Tree Road and Alamo Drive, formerly La Petite Academy, which reportedly sells a range of food and drink products. The request includes a convenience or public necessity (PCN) request for the store to sell beer, wine, and distilled spirits.

According to state law, an applicant must submit a PCN application to determine whether a license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) would provide a convenience or public necessity for the community. Staff initially recommended denying the request when it was presented to the board at its February 23 meeting, but the board voted 3 to 3 to approve the NCP’s request as it did not have a seventh member at this point. .

According to a staff report from Acting Director of Community Development, Fred Buderi, the board determined that the sale of alcohol for off-site consumption “may be able to meet the criteria for determining convenience or need for. the public, provided that conditions of approval may be required to ensure a high level of quality store, possibly with reduced opening hours and / or with the possibility for the City to require the closure of the business. there was an increase in calls to police services.

Staff worked with GKS, the Police Department and California ABC to envision a new business model for the store. New conditions of approval require an additional aisle apron to ease traffic in the center, more pole lighting, security cameras inside and outside the store, and updated landscaping .

The Nut Tree Food Mart continues to focus as a neighborhood grocery store selling basic items like eggs and bread as well as prepackaged meals and nutritious snacks and plans to have a self-serve coffee station. Alcohol products would focus on local brewers and premium spirits.

The applicant also changed the proposed hours of operation from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily to 6 a.m. to midnight daily.

Other proposed conditions include the posting of signs stressing that it is illegal to consume alcohol on the project site, changing the floor plan to not block any windows, banning waste and prohibition of exterior storage of goods, coolers and a propane gas enclosure.

One proposal from the police department was to display only hard liquor behind the main counter, out of reach of customers, with only store employees having access to it. Buderi wrote that the plaintiff did not agree with this condition, instead requesting that hard liquor be sold in the main area, citing how the proposed plan severely affected the main floor plan.

Buderi wrote that staff continue to recommend denying PCN’s application, due to the large number of stores selling alcohol in the area and some of the approval conditions would be considered difficult to control. However, he wrote that if the board were to approve the request, it would have to draw the following conclusions:

* That the approval of the request is in accordance with the goals, objectives and policies of the General Plan and the Planning Code;

* Approval of the application will not be prejudicial to public health, safety or the well-being of the community;

* The NCP is served by the approval of the application.

In other matters, the council will consider adopting the city’s operating budget for 2021-2022 and will receive reports from Visit Vacaville and the Vacaville fire department on its action plan and resilience strategy and a report on the preparation for the forest fire season 2021 respectively.

Council will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday for a closed-door session to discuss legal and personnel issues, including performance reviews from City Manager Aaron Busch and City Counsel Melinda Stewart. Council will reconvene at 7:00 p.m. for its regular meeting, which is open to the public. The Zoom link is, and the password is 639925. Participants can also be reached by phone by dialing 267-831-0333 or 301-715-8592 or toll free at 877-853-5257 or 888-475-4499. Participants can dial * 67 before the number if they want their number not to appear on the screen.

The meeting can also be viewed on Channel 26 or online at

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