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For Tim Herwarth and Haley Greene, their wedding at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston on a rainy Tuesday night was something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

“I never would have expected all of this, it’s all amazing,” said Herwarth. “It was the most special day of my life and I am so grateful to have it in my life. I love her so much.”

His new wife, Haley Greene, said: “I always knew he was my soul mate. I’m just the happiest girl in the world. I can’t say anything more than that.

Herwarth was crippled from neck to toe after the work van he was in two months ago crashed, and since the crash Greene has been by his side.

The couple started dating years ago after they met while working at a pizzeria in Florida. The Burlington, Vt. Couple said they knew it was time to take the next step.

“They had this idea that they wanted to get married and we all wanted to come together and support it, it just evolved over time,” said Spaulding therapist Trina Modoono.

Spaulding staff made sure every detail was taken care of. Family members watched Zoom due to COVID.

Therapists helped them get a marriage license and decorate the hospital, while a therapist even made their rings and presided over the ceremony.

“The florist and makeup artist, everyone really gave their time, their services and everyone really wanted to come together for this special event,” said Spaulding therapist Melissa Gregory.

The newlyweds couldn’t help but thank all the staff at Spaulding and say they made it more special than anything they could have planned.

The couple kept their first dance private, but enjoyed a special cafeteria meal and wedding cake.

A fund has also been established to raise funds for any housing Herwarth will need upon his return to Vermont.

“I went through a lot with the accident and everything and got out of it alive and I’m so happy to have him in my life,” he said.

Herwarth will complete an outpatient rehab in Spaulding, then the newlyweds say they hope to take a few vacations before starting their life together in Vermont.

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