Family of seriously injured Olympic sledgers in Whistler desperately seek funding for rehabilitation

Garrett Reid was seriously injured in a training accident in Whistler in 2019 – he will be 18 next month.

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Luge Canada is raising funds to help cover the ongoing rehabilitation costs of Garrett Reid – a promising West Vancouver luger who was seriously injured in a training accident in Whistler in 2019.

According to Luge Canada, Reid was part of Canada’s NextGen team when he suffered a serious head injury while training at the Whistler Sliding Center in November 2019.

In the year before his accident, Reid had competed in five Junior World Cup events – in Europe, Canada and the United States – and had placed third at the Canadian Youth Championships in Calgary.

Whistler’s Piqué news magazine reported the crash, saying Reid hit his head after losing control on one of the last runs of the day.

His mother Leesa was present and told Pique it was a “garden variety” incident, but left her son unresponsive and not breathing.

When Reid was rushed to hospital in Vancouver, his parents said they were told he had a 95% chance of dying from his injuries.

However, then aged 16, he survived and was released from hospital in July 2020. He will be 18 on July 21.

The Reid family have so far spent $ 100,000 on rehabilitation costs and expect to pay an additional $ 200,000 over the next two years.

In a video posted on Luge Canada GoFundMe page, Leesa said the family is at the point where they will have to sell their house to cover rehabilitation costs – which include physiotherapy, massages, speech therapy, neuro-feedback sessions, psychology and strength sessions. and packaging.

“We’re now at the point where we’re probably going to end up selling our house to finance next year for sure,” she said.

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