East Baltimore community to host rally to rehabilitate vacant homes

BALTIMORE – A call to city leaders to do something about the vacant eye sores that are causing the plague in east Baltimore.

The COR Health Institute on N Collington Ave was built on top of a vacant building.

He still has the bricks to show his story.

Founder Munir Bahar wants people who own other vacant buildings to start investing there and building this community.

“The residents of East Baltimore are standing up and we are fed by the neglect of real estate developers who come in and buy properties and who sit those properties,” Bahar said.

For more than a decade, there have been over 16,000 vacant homes in Baltimore City.

These houses have looked like this for as long as Bahar can remember.

“It’s quite difficult to fight against illegal dumping, it’s quite difficult to fight against drug activity if the physical environment is conducive to it”

Bahar said. “We are fed up with it. Developers come from out of town, buy properties and sit there for years. In our neighborhood where there is a positive development that harms those of us who positively develop the neighborhood.

The city’s website says they respond to 70,000 citizen complaints and perform 250,000 home inspections per year.

A bill recently passed by city council requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to post these signs so people can know who owns the vacant property and hold them accountable.

Bahar said the community is tired of sending emails, advocating for something to be done, and being left to live with the fallout from neglect.

“I have to raise my children here. I have to walk my daughters in front of these abandoned houses. It is not just because we are in a poor black neighborhood that these conditions are allowed to exist year after year. This would not happen in Fells Point, Canton, Brewers Hill, Washington Hill, where wealthier people live. “

On Tuesday, he and others who are fed up with the community reunite.

Hoping that if they amplify their voice, someone will listen to them and start making changes.

“We want action from the city to deal with the developers. Take those properties, cancel those sales, and make sure those properties go to developers who actually have the capacity to develop those properties. “

Everyone is welcome to the rally which starts Tuesday at 6.30am.

It’s at 2200 block of E Chase Street.

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