Corey Seager could start a rehab mission on Friday

The Los Angeles Dodgers roster are expected to receive reinforcements this week with Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy both expected to return to the 10-day injured list. Corey Seager could also be activated in the near future after recently switching to batting training.

Seager has been out of action since May 16 with a broken right hand, but is making steady progress in his recovery nonetheless. If he continues to move in the right direction, the next step might be to start a rehab mission by the end of the week.

“It will probably come out at the end of the week,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said of Seager potentially joining a Minor League affiliate. “We haven’t determined where, but we’re talking Friday or Saturday. Something like that potentially.

While it remains to be seen where Seager will go to rehab, an obvious choice for geographic reasons would apparently be Low-A Rancho Cucamonga, but they should be traveling to San Jose.

The Dodgers previously asked Bellinger, Zach McKinstry and Garrett Cleavinger to join the Oklahoma City Triple-A in rehab this season.

As for the duration of Seager’s next mission, it will be determined based on how he feels.

“I don’t know. I think sometimes it can be three games, sometimes seven or eight games,” said Roberts. “I think it depends on the player. Corey is very much in tune with his mechanics. he will feel ready to go, I think he will be precise enough.

Before he was allowed to practice batting, Seager was already fielding Grounders and throwing the diamond with no problem, and doing most of his hitting work from a tee.

“I think he ticked those boxes. It’s just about doing mock stuff, ”said Roberts of what Seager has to do.

Roberts thinks Tsutsugo could benefit from rehab mission

Another player about to begin a rehab mission is Yoshi Tsutsugo, who the Dodgers claimed on waivers from the Tampa Bay Rays in May. He was placed on IL 10 days earlier this month with strain in his right calf.

Tsutsugo has mainly appeared on the bench and has struggled to the height of a 0.120 / 0.290 / 0.120 batting line in 12 games since joining the Dodgers.

Roberts recently recognized the difficulty of warming up in a part-time role and can’t wait to see how Tsutsugo fares with regular underage beaters. “I think he needs regular batting appearances,” said Roberts.

“Obviously with our alignment and trying to get our hitting coaches to connect with his swing and the right verbiage, getting on the same page and making him consistent at bat was tough.

“It could be positive in the sense that it just gives us the opportunity to put him in rehab and take regular batting attendance to see what we have. I know he was disappointed, but I messaged him as it can potentially be an opportunity. “

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